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Mike,  Thanks for your efforts during the sales experience.  Your efforts helped deliver the sale in the final stages of negotiation.  Thanks to the siding, wrap and gutter installation teams involved.  They did a great job and really improved the look and value in my home.  The finished installation exceeded my expectations.  I appreciate their workmanship.  And finally, I’d also like to think Scott for his help, execution and follow up during the installation process.  Scott’s dedication to personally install the RX gutter covers and complete the project on a Saturday was impressive.  During the negotiation process, I researched several companies and estimated costs online.  I also obtained a competing quote from a company located a mile from my house.  The competing salesman is the husband of a coworker.  So, this decision was not an easy one.  With nearly identical quotes, I chose Bone Dry’s quote based on customer testimonials and other research I had done.   When the delivery delays occurred, I had begun to second guess my decision.  In fact, I was preparing to cancel the order when I was called to schedule the installation date.  The installation crews and Scott did a great job of completing the sale Mike started.  To everyone involved, thanks for a job well done!  Nathan Hunt Mount Sterling, KY
We thank you for the wonderful roof you are putting on our old house. Please accept our appreciation & consider yourself hugged by two grateful old people.
Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Chris who gave my mother a quote. He was professional/experienced and very patient with my elderly mother. Unfortunately, my elderly mother went with another company. However, if it was my decision I would have hands down chose Bone Dry. I believe your workmanship would have been the better choice and the price difference was minimal.  I will definitely get a quote from your company when I need a roof and will recommend your company to others. Thank you for the quote for my mother.
I've hired Bone Dry to deal with a number of roof and related leaks through the years. They are always professional, prompt, and willing to suggest a range of options to effectively repair the issue while taking it easy on the pocketbook. Scheduling was convenient, the pictures that were shared with me of the roof repair were fantastic, the explanation of the repair was excellent, and I appreciate the clean worksite and friendly attitude.     Sarah Brown is the heart of what makes that company run effectively! She's fantastic to work with on every job. I've also worked with Jade Marsh quite a bit--I appreciate how he's worked with me to find the best solutions to each problem we've dealt with at my home.
I was most satisfied with how prompt they were when we had a leak. They were here the next day and got right on it. Also the lady who handles their customer relations on the phone. Every time I spoke with her she was great and she always called me back promptly. She was just excellent.  The management people I talked to were excellent. I had a roof repair problem, they through some shingles onto my bushes but overall they fixed the problem and did a good job. I would like to recognize the lady in the office that I spoke to many time. Also the guy who does the estimates was very good.
They met our expectations. The only thing is some of our landscaping wasn't cleaned up and damaged. We have used them three times so far, and I can't remember which time it was. That was the only thing, though. It could have been protected and covered better. Other than that, it was good. The quality is good, they were on time and efficient. I am most satisfied with the quality of work, timeliness, and knowledge of the staff that came out to give us the estimate. Jade did a really good job and he has done really good in the past for us.
I would recommend them and I was very impressed.   I was satisfied when they first came out and the guy took pictures of things were couldn't see our self.  I would like to recognize Scott for the exceptional service.
I was thrilled to death with the company. They exceeded our expectations.  I was satisfied from start to finish.They did a great job, from the initial phone call to the end.
The did exactly what they said. I was very satisfied! I was satisfied in all the areas. They did a professional job. If I run into someone who needs roofing, I would recommend Bone Dry.