A Visit from Fox 59

A Visit from Fox 59

Fox 59 News in Indianapolis joined us on a roof cleaning and repair job this morning.

They were shooting video of us for a segment on their newscast called “Stretching Your Dollar.” The idea behind the story is that cleaning your roof is necessary maintenance and is a more affordable service than you might think.

Maybe your roof has streaks on it – or maybe you’ve seen streaks on other roofs. Generally speaking, these streaks show up on north-facing and/or shaded areas of the roof. Algae and bacteria grow to create those unattractive black streaks. But aside from the cosmetic issue, the bacteria can actually eat away at the shingles causing serious damage.

Gone uncleaned, you may be due for a new roof sooner than anticipated. Or, take advantage of a roof cleaning for a fraction of the cost to replace your roof and extend the life of your shingles up to 25 years or more.

A lot of homeowners are unaware of the roof cleaning process and how to do it properly in order to maintain your shingle warranty. Tune into Fox 59 News next Tuesday (August 28) to get the full scoop!