Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

It is a true wonder that roofs are able to last as long as they do. They are constantly exposed to all of the elements and endure all kinds of weather. Given the right tools – your roofing system can truly stand up to anything; keeping everything outside and your family safe and warm inside.


Though it is a large investment (smaller that college tuition, yet larger than that sweet curved Samsung TV that is somehow better than all of the other TVs) your roof is something that should be maintained in order to prevent further damage to it and your home.


Roof maintenance – what a vague term…. But what does it mean exactly? That your roof needs “maintaining”? What does maintenance mean really? That you keep your eye on it? Or that you fix it every time something little happens? Maybe.


Yeah…. “You’ll get to it”, we know.


Thomas Jefferson once said, “Never leave ‘til tomorrow that which you can do today” – and I think that we are really onto something here, folks…


Roof maintenance can be simply described as just giving it a little bit of attention to make sure it doesn’t get too old. You know, when it starts leaking on your head and sinking in that really odd way that you know isn’t normal. Yeah, that.


Ignoring the roof over your head might work out okay now but long term it will do nothing but rack up dollar signs. Kind of like that gift you have been putting off buying for your wife for two Mother’s Day’s now – macaroni necklaces don’t do the job forever, ya know.

Those odd looking discolorations on your shingles that look relatively harmless and ultimately can’t really be doing damage can potentially be algae or lichens. They can can gradually cause the seal strip on your shingles to delaminate and can eventually cause your shingles to fail prematurely! Yes, you read that right. Algae and lichens directly correlate with your entire roof system failing. Gross!


Another routinely ignored aspect of your roof that affects the overall longevity of the entire thing is the flashing. Flashing is the metal that is installed around any chimney or at any point where the shingles meet siding or brick. The flashing can be around pipes or vents, and can age at a much faster pace than the rest of the roof. Wear and tear can weather the caulking and allow moisture to creep inside – and once that happens – it’s only a matter of time before your attic becomes your living room.

The good news however, is that issues like the aforementioned can be easily avoided by simply keeping up with the maintenance on your roof and calling Bone Dry Roofing to do so!