How to make an Insurance Claim

How to make an Insurance Claim

Has your roof gotten damaged from a hailstorm? Windstorm? Thunderstorm? Fire? Do you know how to get it fixed? Know where to start?

The answer? With us of course!

No, but really. You should start with your insurance company.

In order to make a claim on your roof, you should first understand the claim process. This process consists of 7 easy steps that can get you closer to an improved home:

  1. View the damage yourself (safely)

  2. Report the damage to your home insurance company

  3. Get a trained professional (like us) to assess the damage properly and thoroughly.

  4. Schedule a claims adjustment. An adjuster from your insurance company will come to your home and give you an initial cost estimate for the work that needs done.

  5. Once the claim has been submitted to the insurance company, they will provide you with a check to initiate the repair and/or replacement.(This check is for the amount of the estimate minus the depreciation and deductible.)

  6. NOW WE COME IN! We will do our best to complete your all of your repairs within a timely manner.

  7. Once the work is completed, we send a final invoice to the insurance company. The insurer will then release the remainder of the money and give you a second check that covers the remaining cost of the work done to your home.

All of this information can also be accessed through under the “services” tab.

You can also contact our insurance department through our phone 1-317-608-2242 or online.