Picking Shingles for your Home

Picking Shingles for your Home

Getting a roof repair? Is it a complete, full roof, repair? Ever considered changing the color/style of your shingles? It may very well change the whole exterior of your home! (and protect the interior)

Here at Bone Dry we use Owen’s Corning asphalt shingles. We have specialty shingles, architectural shingles, and traditional shingles. The difference between styles exists due to the performance and features of each shingle. Specialty shingles are the priciest of the three, but they tend to have more wind resistance, a longer lifespan, and a lifetime warranty. Architectural shingles are the mid-price range and last longer than the traditional shingle. The traditional shingle is considered economy pricing and only has a 25 year warranty. This is also the most basic shingle to have.

The 8 specialty shingles are: BerkshireDevonshireWoodcrest, Woodmoor, TruDefinition Weatherguard, Duration: max, premium cool, and storm. The architectural shingles are: Duration: premium and designer, and Oakridge. And the traditional shingle is called Supreme.

All of this, however, can be found on the Roofing Collection Product Guide your salesman will give you when you choose to replace your roof. Or you can browse these selections on Owen’s Corning’s website.

After picking the best shingle in your price range, the fun part begins. Picking a color. You may keep a similar color to what you had previously, or you may want to change. Either way, we are here to help you decide. The color of your shingle can truly top off your house’s style! (see what I did there?)

Let Bone Dry Roofing help you choose the best shingle for you!