Why You Need to Get Your Residential Chimney Swept

Why You Need to Get Your Residential Chimney Swept

Why You Need to Get Your Residential Chimney Swept

Masonry experts recommend having residential chimneys inspected and cleaned at least once each year. Built-up blockage can present risks to both home and personal health, including carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires—but so can unseen structural damage. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right type of service professional to perform your chimney’s next servicing.

Beyond the Chimney

Fireplace safety goes beyond the most immediate structural components. Your chimney is truly a part of your home, and an integral part of your roof. Any problems with the associated flashing, caps or other connected roofing materials could mean chimney trouble by extension. Roofers who offer chimney cleaning services are uniquely qualified to tackle each of these issues without need for further referrals.

Equipment and Expertise

It’s worth noting that the National Fire Protection Agency requires roof access for any chimney inspection at Level 2 or higher. If there’s one group of professionals you can trust to be prepared for this kind of work, it’s roofing and masonry contractors. Reputable roofers and masonry companies are also likely to carry the type of insurance coverage and licensing you should look for as a prospective client.

Savings and Convenience

Whether it’s time or money, no one wants to overspend; that’s exactly why hiring a qualified masonry and chimney specialist makes sense. Masons & chimney sweep professionals have all the tools and know-how to get the job done right without a second service call. This can spare you the hassle of vetting and hiring additional workers, and also save you the expenses of all new evaluations and services.

Be Smart, Be Safe

Keeping your chimney in top shape is an important aspect of home safety, so choosing the right professional is a must. Residents in the greater area of Indianapolis have developed trust in Bone Dry Masonry thanks to a decade of proven quality. Learn more about the company’s full slate of quality chimney and masonry, roofing and gutter services today.