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Before & After

Leaky Flashing in Borden, IN

Amy called Bone Dry Roofing for a variety of reasons. Mostly because a lot of roofers did not work on metal roofs. We were out there looking at her metal barn roof and she asked us to take a look at her chimneys. They too had been leaking. Rick took a look and informed Amy it was definitely a flashing issue. It appeared that whoever had done the original flashing, had done it wrong. He also noticed there was some damage due to a tree limb over part of the flashing.

Our crew came out and removed the incorrect flashing from the base of the chimney. We reflashed the base of the chimney.

No more leaks and one happy lady!

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Zip Boot on Electrical Post

Joyce asked us to do something about an electrical post she had in her roof. Since we were out there doing other repairs already, it seemed easy enough. We simply had to install a zip boot on this electrical post.

No more leaks and it looks so much better!

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When it Rains, It Leaks

The valley on this ranch had one nasty leak that was causing serious damage. The leak damaged the roof, the decking underneath and the base of the wall nearby. The leak was so bad that it caused algae to grow! Who knew one little leak could do so much?

Jose went out to see what was happening. Turns out, the flashing around this dead valley had definitely seen better days. We decided to remove the damaged shingles and flashing and install new wood. Then we added ice and water shield to this area, as it was prone to leaks. We finished off by adding new flashing to keep it from leaking in the future.

No more leaky valley!

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