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When She’s a Brick House: Masonry Maintenance 101

There's no denying that brick has many advantages. It helps insulate your home, has a unique curb appeal, and is very durable. However, as brick houses and chimneys age, they do require some love. Issues with the mortar and the bricks themselves can come up, and it's important to catch them early before they become structural problems.

A common problem with brickwork is that the mortar doesn't last quite as long as the bricks themselves. With moisture and weathering, it can wear away. If this problem goes unnoticed, the mortar can become so compromised that a chimney collapses! The easiest way to remedy the wearing away of mortar is tuckpointing, a service that Bone Dry Masonry routinely provides. Tuckpointing involves grinding down the mortar to a certain depth and then filling in the grooves with new mortar in a color that matches the old. It's a relatively simple process that can save you a major headache down the road.

Another common issue we see here at Bone Dry is spalling brick. This is an issue with the bricks themselves, rather than the mortar. When moisture is allowed to penetrate the brick, it can cause cracks, crumbling, and flaking. Bone Dry Masonry can remedy this by replacing the affected bricks and then sealing the area to keep further moisture out. For chimneys, we may also recommend a new crown or chimney cap to further protect the brick.

If you have brickwork on your home and suspect these or any other issues, don't hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation and estimate. With Bone Dry Masonry on the job, your brick house will stay mighty-mighty for many years to come.