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Case Study

Roof Leak Repair in Crescent Hill, Louisville KY


Customer was selling the home and wanted to make sure the roof was in good working order.


Turns out, there were only a few minor issues. This customer needed new flashing and new pipe boots.

We replaced the counter flashing on both chimneys. Then we removed the shingles & flashing along the chimney. We inspected for bad wood and replaced as needed. Next up, we Installed ice water shield on chimney and decking. Following that, we installed new step flashing and counter flashing. We finished up this portion by sealing all the seams and re-shingling properly.

The second part of this job is where we replaced 5 lead pipe with Neoprene pipes (4-4 inch pipes and I 3 inch pipe). We removed the shingles around pipes and inspected for bad wood, replacing as needed. Then we installed ice water shield on all the new pipes. Next, we installed new Neoprene plastic pipe boots. We finished up by re-shingling properly and sealing all exposed nail heads.