Brick Repair in Louisville


Bone Dry Roofing was called out to take a look at some broken bricks around the building. When we got there, we saw there was a lot of damage that needed to be fixed.


On left front corner of garage, we ground out 5-6 mortar joints near a downspout and installed new mortar. On the front of the home, we ground out 2-3 mortar joints at top left corner of the door and one mortar joint in a soldier row of a window above the door. We installed new mortar. At the window on the front of garage, we replaced one broken brick below a window and ground out mortar in 15-20 joints below a window including in soldier row. On right side of the home, between the 2 windows, we removed 25 broken and cracked bricks between and below windows. We also replaced brick at left top of lower window We finished up by grinding out all the cracked mortar joints in the same area.