Dormer Repair in Louisville


Bone Dry Roofing came out to investigate a leak this customer was having. We discovered there was a leak around the dormer area, so we worked out a custom plan to handle this roof’s specific needs.


We fixed this by removing shingles from a 2′ valley on left side of dormer on right side of the house. Then we removed the shingles and flashing from an 8′ wall of sided dormer. Next we removed a 3″ lead pipe boot to the left of dormer.
We also made sure to inspect all repair areas for bad wood and replace as needed. Then we installed Ice and Water Shield to all repair areas and re-shignling valley. Next we installed approximately 8′ of new step flashing to left wall of dormer and re-shingling properly. We finished up the project by installing a new 4″ neoprene pipe boot with rain collar.