Common Spots Where Pests May Be Hiding in Your Home

Common Spots Where Pests May Be Hiding in Your Home

It’s a good habit to clean and maintain your home regularly, but you might be surprised at how some well-kept homes are still invaded by bugs and pests. They’re persistent, resilient, and bothersome all throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get rid of them from your own home. You need to take the first step, and that’s finding out where they’re hiding.

Common Spots Where Pests May Be Hiding in Your Home

Here’s where you should start looking, according to Bone Dry Roofing, a trusted specialist among residential and commercial roofing contractors:

Exposed Insulation

When you have this on your home’s walls or in the attic, then you can expect that it has become an ideal nesting spot for certain bugs and pests. This includes insects, roaches, mice, birds, squirrels, and even bats. To avoid an infestation, we recommend treating your insulation with boric acid; it’s effective against termites, silverfish, roaches and ants, while still completely harmless to humans.


If your gutters aren’t properly cleaned and maintained, it can be a breeding ground for various kinds of pests and bugs. Neglecting your gutter system isn’t advisable, as the pest infestations will also compromise your roof’s structural integrity and deteriorate over time. Have a gutter replacement contractor clean and add protection to your system to prevent further damage from bugs, pests, and debris.


Furniture can also be an ideal home for bugs and pests if not regularly cared for. Carpet beetles, in particular, take up residence just under carpets which can also damage them. You’ll also find them in upholstered furniture, boxes of clothing or anywhere where they can feast on synthetic fabrics or animal fibers such as wool, felt, leather, silk fur or feathers. 

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