How Much Snow Is Too Much for Your Roof?

How Much Snow Is Too Much for Your Roof?

Snow is beautiful around the holidays, whether you are skiing through it or watching it fall as you sit beside a warm fire. However, it’s not so great when you are shoveling it off your driveway or scraping it off your windshield. Snow can also do a number on your roof, especially when it keeps falling and piling up. In most cases, you shouldn’t have to worry, as homes are built according to codes that take the typical snow conditions of your area into consideration. Occasionally, though, special weather events combine to pose a danger to the structural integrity of your roof. Identifying when that happens can protect your property from extensive damage.

What to Consider

The depth of the snow is important, but it’s not the main factor of how much snow is too much on your roof. It’s the weight. You can determine if the weight is too great by these factors:

  • Dry, powdery snow will almost never pose a risk to your roof.
  • Wet snow can pose a danger if it accumulates.
  • Drifts of wet snow can also be a problem.

To determine if the snow is wet or dry it’s best to go outside and pick up a shovel full. Wet snow will stick together, while dry snow is granulated and falls apart. It can take as much as six times more dry snow to match the weight of wet snow.

What to Check

When the roof is groaning from too much weight, several troubling signs may appear. Unusual groaning or cracking from the roof may indicate structural weakening. The framing of doorways could show signs of bowing and a door may not open or close as before. Cracks may also appear in your home’s structure if too much snow is present.

Keeping your roof in good shape during the winter is critical. To learn more about roof maintenance contact Bone Dry Roofing.