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Local brick repair and tuckpointing experts

Repairing brick walls will completely revitalize your home’s appearance.

If you have brick features in your home, it can be challenging to find a contractor that specializes in that type of work. At Bone Dry Masonry, we have a team of trained experts that are here to handle all of your brick repair needs.

We can handle all types of brickwork needs, including crack repair, brick replacement, and tuckpointing. Whether you need work on an entryway, chimney, or any other area, we’re here to give you a quality solution.


Our brick work services

If you see cracked or damaged bricks, we can give you an effective repair job.

While brick features offer a beautiful, timeless appearance, there can be some challenges with wear and tear. At Bone Dry Masonry, we offer all of the following services to ensure your home always looks its best:


  • Crack repair: If you’ve noticed cracks in the mortar or the bricks themselves, we can reseal the area to ensure a seamless appearance.
  • Brick replacement: Sometimes a section sustains heavy damage or is stained or discolored. Our brick replacement services will ensure your entire brick feature looks great and has similar tones.
  • Tuckpointing: Tuckpointing is the process of repairing mortar joints between bricks. This technique allows us to make bricks appear as if they have very fine joints, reducing the amount of visible mortar.
  • Leak diagnosis and waterproofing: If you’ve seen water coming through your bricks, it’s important to repair the leak. We can identify the source and completely waterproof the area, ensuring everything stays dry.

Back Brick Porch Steps Rebuild




contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to some his back porch steps needing to be replaced and repaired. Bone Dry Masonry sent out their experts who suggested rebuilding the Back Brick Porch,


Along with adding crushed limestone for a base while leveling sand for the pavers. The homeowner no longer has to watch his step now that the brickwork is even!

Brick and Mortar Replacement




Contacted Bone Dry Masonry due to having some missing bricks and deteriorating mortar. Bone Dry Masonry went out and expertly replaced the bricks in the affected area.


Now the customer is able to enjoy the view of the area with the backing of Bone Dry Masonry!

Knee Wall Rebuild




Asked to come out and look at the wall due to some major issues that they were experiencing. Bone Dry Masonry went out and noticed that the wall was leaning, and that the base had an ample amount of water damage.


We suggested a reconstruction of the Knee Wall. We were proud to revitalize this client’s back patio with our repairs so they’re able to enjoy it for years to come!