Roof Installation

Professional Installation to Ensure a Quality Roof

A roof is only as good as the company that installs it. That’s why more people trust Bone Dry Roofing to protect their home. Our roofing crews have the skills and experience needed to properly install any type of roof, with the ability to successfully overcome any challenge they encounter. And each team member keeps their skills sharp with ongoing training in the latest installation methods, as well as up-to-date OSHA safety training. 

Special note: Because virtually all of our roofing work is, by definition, done outdoors, we are able to minimize contact and maintain appropriate social distancing during installation. Every member of our team is committed to “best practices” in personal protection, including protective masks, gloves and regular hand washing and sanitizing. 

What to Expect During the Installation of Your Roof

Once your roofing project is scheduled, we order all materials necessary to complete the job. This includes shingles or roofing panels, underlayment, ice guards, vents and soffits, flashing and gutters, as specified. All of the highest quality, of course. In many cases the materials are delivered a day or two before the scheduled installation and pre-positioned on site. If a “tear off” of your existing roof is planned we will also deliver a dumpster to collect material we remove.

On installation day our crews will arrive early, often immediately after sunrise. There’s no dawdling – we get right to work. The first step is to protect your home and yard from any roofing debris. This may mean covering bushes and shrubs, shrouding windows, or shielding other parts of your home. Next, if necessary, we remove your old roof, disposing of old shingles, underlayment and other materials in an environmentally responsible manner. 

We go out of our way to minimize any disruption the installation may cause. Our crews work quickly and efficiently. We are professionals and act that way at all times. Because our roofing installation crews work so well together, most roofing projects can be completed in a single day. 

Oh, and you can rest assured that no new roof installation is done until the clean up is completed! We’ll go over the work we have done and ask you to sign off before packing up for the day. 

Hopefully you will be so impressed with your experience that you will recommend Bone Dry Roofing to your friends, neighbors and family members for their roofing project.