Should You Move Out During a Roof Replacement Project?

Should You Move Out During a Roof Replacement Project?

No matter how small your roof is, replacing it is a big venture. Apart from the obvious costs it will deduct from your bank account, the procedure requires time to plan and schedule. It is normal for homeowners to have an array of questions. One of the popular questions that roofing contractors get from their customers is “Do I need to move out while my roof is being replaced?” The simple answer is no, you do not have to. Here are the things you should know about when undergoing a roof replacement project.

Roof Replacement Project?

Replacing the Roof Only Takes a Few Days, Sometimes One Day

A home for a single-unit family of average size typically has a roof that only needs one to a few days to tear-off. In fact, many of Bone Dry Roofing’s projects can be completed within one day, weather permitting! The completion time greatly depends on weather, structural details such as weight of the new roof, and number of shingle layers that need to be replaced. Most professional roofers suggest conducting the project during weekdays so family members are away and noise disruption is minimal.

There are a Few Considerations

If their budget allows it, a homeowner may choose to temporarily reside in a nearby hotel or with a family member. But if you are unable to move out or decide to handle a one- to two-day interruption, Bone Dry Roofing has a few considerations to share with you.

  • Kids: If you have toddlers running around, make sure to give them a new set of rules for that time period. For example, you may designate a specific play area that is far from the location where the roofers are keeping their tools or plan to keep them indoors while the project is in progress.
  • Pets: Even relaxed pets may find it difficult to handle the noise and distress. Secure a room for your pets where the loud banging noises cannot reach them, like the basement. Just make sure that it is properly ventilated.
  • Landscaping: Professional roof and brick repair* contractors lay down tarps and plywood as protection so your garden, outdoor furniture and landscaping will be damaged by falling debris or collect dust in the process. It is also recommended to keep the pathways free of toys and items that can pose a trip hazard.

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