Bone Dry Staying Healthy and Fit


At Bone Dry, we value the health and wellness of our employees. Though demanding in different ways, our office employees as well as our crews work very hard to make Bone Dry Roofing a company that continues to exceed or customers’ expectations. All employees of Bone Dry have access to our in-house fitness center. In fact, this fitness center is open to the public as well. Our certified personal trainer, Terra, provides personal training classes (both individual and group) and boot camp.

Why Do People Join Bone Dry Fitness?

  • Increase Energy
  • Tone & Flexibility
  • More Confidence
  • Lifestyle Enhancement
  • Decrease Health Related Issues
  • Decrease Stress
  • Improve Sleep Pattern
  • Customized Workout Programs
  • Flexible Hours
  • Diet Analysis
  • Education on Proper Techniques

Employees and members of our personal training and boot camp fitness programs have access to a full gym, professional equipment, and an ACE Certified professional trainer.

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