Clean that Dirty Roof!


Your poor roof. He works so hard and gets little recognition. He protects you from the rain, snow, cold, heat and so much more. Your roof is arguably the most important piece of your home that brings it all together. So maybe it’s time to reward your roof with a good bath. It’s not uncommon for a roof to develop dirty streaks or to grow moss and algae. Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements of mother nature which can sometimes be unkind. Treating these streaks not only makes your roof happy, but it also increases the curb appeal of your home, can improve the efficiency of your home and will ultimately increase the overall value and lifespan of your roof.

How to Clean the Roof

There are several ways to approach your roof cleaning. There are several products on the market, but in our experience these often do not work and if they do – not for very long. Also that means you have to get up on the hot roof. Some other companies suggest pressure washing your roof. Unfortunately, pressure washing can actually cause damage to the shingles and will most likely void your shingle warranty. Time to call in the experts! The experts at Bone Dry use a soft wash system that not only gets your roof back to its original state, but is approved by all of the shingle manufacturers. Algae buildup is unattractive and will darken your roof and can cause it to heat up. Roof cleaning is one of many home improvement services that will truly increase the overall value of your home.

Roof Cleaning & General Maintenance

Since our guys are already up on your roof scrubbing it clean, we figure we may as well make some repairs while we’re up there. Along with our roof cleaning service, we also include general maintenance on loose shingles and things of that nature.

Your Neighbors Will Be Jealous

No, this lady isn’t stopping to talk to Eric and Grant because they’re cute. I’m sure that was your first thought. In fact, she saw how beautiful this freshly cleaned roof looked from the road and stopped to ask how she could get in on the action! Bone Dry Roofing uses our same attention to detail to make sure you are happy with the entire roof cleaning Indianapolis process from estimate to new (looking). Your house, yard and landscaping will be protected at all times and when we leave you wont even know we were there except for your clean roof!