Roof Replacements: Do They Increase Property Value?

Should I replace roof before selling? Many homeowners and roofers can attest that a new roof can increase a home’s market value. In this post, top roofer Bone Dry Roofing shows how roof replacements can improve your resell price.

Does a New Roof Increase My Home’s Value?

In most cases, a new roof will increase your home’s value. A new roof improves your home’s curb appeal and gives potential buyers the peace of mind of knowing they won’t have to deal with roof repairs soon. Additionally, a new roof can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save the buyer money on utility bills.

How Much Will a New Roof Increase My Property Value?

Now that we’ve answered, “does replacing a roof increase its value,” let’s learn about the roof replacement factors that can increase it. They are:

  • The materials used

  • The size of the roof

  • The location of your home

  • Its energy-saving capabilities

Upon selling your home, you can expect to recoup about 60-70% of the cost of a new roof.

Should I Replace My Roof Before I Sell My Home?

If your roof is in poor condition, replacing it before selling your home is a good idea. A new roof can attract potential buyers and improve your home’s overall value. Furthermore, it can save you time and money during the selling process by avoiding negotiations and inspection issues related to an older or damaged roof.

A new roof with long-term warranties can also attract more customers. Most manufacturers let you pass their lifetime warranty just once to a new homeowner.

Ready To Replace Your Roof?

A new roof can significantly increase your home’s value and attract potential buyers. Choose a reputable and experienced Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor for roof replacement like Bone Dry Roofing Nashville. Call us today at 615-541-6235 or fill out this contact form for professional and reliable roofing services.