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Case Study

Cracked Pipe Boot Repair and Rusty Nail Head Fix in La Vergne, Tennessee


This roof in La Vergne, Tennessee was long overdue for some annual roof maintenance. There were a number of issues in some specific problem areas ranging from small leaks and discolorations, to streaking of the shingles in some odd and random places. When the entire roofing system just seems to be unable to hold up to the weather, it's time to call in the professionals. And that's just what this smart homeowner did, in a proactive effort to stay ahead of the issues and ensure that nothing was occurring that was hugely detrimental to the entire roofing system.


Thankfully, our roofing specialists here at Bone Dry have done a countless number of these inspections time and time again and know just what to look for and what can be easily fixed, and what might require more extensive fixing. During this inspection, our specialist found very routinely wrong things. He found a cracked pipe boot that needed to be replaced asap in order to keep the moisture out from all of those underlying layers of the roof. He also found rusty nail heads that also make the entire roofing system more susceptible to failure. Thankfully, this homeowner got an inspection and addressed these issues before they got more serious!