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Case Study

Missing Shingles Replaced in Thompsons Station Tennessee


Due to heavy winds in the area, this roof in Thompsons Station, Tennessee really took a beating. When strong winds came rolling through, this roof was not equipped well enough to endure the harshness of the weather. One by one, the shingles came flying off. This then left the underlying layers of the roof, like the synthetic felt paper and wood decking, exposed to the elements that they were not built to endure. These layers need that overall protection of the asphalt shingle in order to truly extend the overall longevity of the roof itself. When issues like this go ignored for too long, it only reduces the overall lifespan of the roof.


Our crews were able to replace the missing tab shingles with a match of the original and seal them down individually. This ensured that those underlying layers would be protected and that no further issues would arise due to lack of attention. These issues need to be addressed promptly and by a professional to ensure that your roof stays moisture tight, like it was always meant to be, even when that harsh weather hits.