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Nashville, TN

Bone Dry established in 1989, is a family-owned and operated business providing exceptional service in the greater Nashville area since 2009.


Bone Dry Roofing is your local expert for complete roof replacement. We provide a wide variety of roofing options and give you a durable, high quality roof that will perfectly complement your home and last for years to come.


A tiny leak can be a huge annoyance, which is why no repair is too small for Bone Dry. Plus, our maintenance plans are designed to make sure small issues never lead to bigger ones.

Our Nashville Team

With over 225 employees company-wide, it's difficult to show everyone on the Bone Dry team. But here are many of the ones that you may see on your project. While you may recognize a familiar face, we trust even more you’ll recognize the integrity, diligence and enthusiasm in which they do their job. Because that’s the true face of the company.

John Miller

Branch Manager
Nashville, TN

Maintain your roof and enjoy many years of safety at home

Bone Dry Roofing’s Nashville office has been offering superior roofing and gutter services ever since we opened our doors in 2009. Bone Dry has been in business since 1989 and, comprising of nine offices across five states, is one of the largest, most reputable roofing companies in the Midwest. What sets us apart is our ability to execute and deliver on all of our promises.

No problem is too big or small for our roofing experts

Seemingly small roofing issues like leaks or missing shingles can soon spiral out of control when things don't go your way. Staying on top of repairs or calling in a contractor to handle storm damage is key. Bone Dry Roofing's Nashville office is here to help with all of your roofing, gutters or insulation needs, whether you're facing an emergency or if you're just doing upkeep on your home's exterior.

All the Comforts of Home Start With a Bone Dry Roof

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In business since 1989

Most roofing contractors only last a few years. Bone Dry has been around for three decades.

Largest roofing contractor in the Midwest

Success is a result of satisfied customers. Bone Dry has them in five states.

Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Preferred

Contractors meet strict standards for professionalism, business stability, and customer service, and they offer the best warranty.

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