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Heating and Cooling - Indianapolis, Indiana

A perfect extension of our services is heating & cooling. Many of our roofing customers invite Bone Dry’s HVAC specialists to inspect and service their furnace and air conditioning systems. Our heating & cooling technicians are a completely separate division and are among the most highly trained and qualified in the industry. Call 317-454-7412 for a free estimate on all your HVAC needs!

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Bone Dry HVAC – Excellence in Home Heating and AC

Bone Dry Heating & Cooling offers the best brand name systems in the business with superb warranties to back them up. Our skilled heating and cooling technicians service furnace and air conditioning systems, perform repairs, install replacements, and provide maintenance. We also offer an exclusive Bone Dry Maintenance Plan that consists of a multi-point inspection of A/C heat pump and/or furnace.


Q: How do I choose a Heating and Cooling Contractor?

A: It’s important to hire a contractor that is a licensed and insured HVAC Contractor. In addition the contractor should be Factory Authorized and trained for the brand(s) that they represent. Not all contractors are created equal; as an example the level of training is very important to ensure proper diagnosis especially in the case of a “no heat” or “no AC” emergency call. The highest level of training that an HVAC contractor can achieve is NATE certification. It gives you the assurance that your technician won’t be guessing at the problem, a highly trained technician can make a proper diagnosis that will save you money and increase your home safety.

Q: What are the best HVAC brands?

A: The most important choice when buying a new furnace or air conditioner is not necessarily the brand but the quality of the contractor. The right contractor will make sure to fully evaluate your home and ask a lot of questions. This is important to note, to not just buy a brand but to look at the big picture. Having said that, we chose AMANA, CARRIER and DAIKIN for their world class reputation of quality and dependability.

Q: Are there financing options available for my HVAC system?

A: Yes. We provide options on how to pay for your new heating and cooling system. We can look at easy financing through one of our providers and make a payment plan for your needs.

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You can count on us to deliver the best product by well-known brands like Amana, Carrier and Daikin.

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Our technicians are NATE Certified, the highest level of training an HVAC tech can have.

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We go out of our way to make sure you’re happy. The backbone of our company is excellent customer service.

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