Roof Damage Insurance Claims: A Quick FAQ

Having a roof repair or replacement project after severe weather damage can be a significant expense. As a homeowner, you’d know that having insurance is helpful especially in times like these, since they can help cover part or all the expenses necessary to rebuild your roof. But the process alone is hardly a simple task, and you may be wondering what you need to do first.


To these frequently asked questions about roofing insurance claims, here are our answers:

“If a Homeowner Suspects Damage, Who Should They Contact First?”

If you suspect that your roof has sustained damage, the first person you should call is your trusted roofing contractor. While most companies offer free inspections for storm damage claims, you still need to do your research by looking into their customer reviews and select one that has a good reputation in the community. Once this is done, a project manager will schedule a visit to your home and mark up the affected areas of your roof.

“What Does My Roof Insurance Cover?”

You’ll need to contact your insurance provider to know this. Keep in mind that insurance claim processes consider the age of your roof, and this will be investigated and verified by the company’s inspector. So, for instance, if it’s under 10 year old, you may be covered for all the damage, including the work done by your trusted roofing contractor. But if it’s more than a decade old, you may be reimbursed with a depreciated value of the damaged roof.

“Will My Insurance Rates Increase If I File a Claim?”

No, it won’t. Your insurance rates should still stay the same even if you file a claim due to weather related damage. But if an entire neighborhood has been affected by severe weather damage, an insurance company may raise their rates.

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