Expert Masonry Services and Chimney Repair

When working on roofs and gutters, we sometimes discover the source of water infiltration is due to aged or inferior tuckpointing and flashing around a chimney. Bone Dry Roofing St. Louis’ masonry experts specialize in alleviating the problems in those areas and getting your home free of penetrating moisture. From chimney repair to complete chimney rebuilds, and more, we can help!

Keeping You Safe, One Brick at a Time

Your St. Louis roof is not a mere “lid” for your home, but an integrated system designed to protect and preserve your most valuable asset. That system includes your chimney, a component that is both functional and decorative, evoking thoughts of a cozy fire on a cold winter’s night. Whether your St. Louis chimney is made of bricks or blocks, it is important to keep it looking its best and operating properly.   

Bone Dry Roofing offers professional St. Louis chimney safety inspection, chimney sweep and cleaning services (both inside and out), chimney caps & covers, chimney repair and replacement, and more.

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Who to call when everyone else is blowing smoke

As the highest point on your house, your chimney gets the brunt of Mother Nature. Rain, snow and temperature swings take a toll over time and Bone Dry can help fix and maintain your chimney’s beauty and operation. Inside and out, from cracks and leaks, to caps and dampers, our certified techs do it all. Call Bone Dry Roofing St. Louis for a free inspection and estimate to repair your chimney!

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Chimney Installation & Repairs

Our expert team is deeply experienced in the proper installation and repair of chimneys in St. Louis. With the sharp, trained eye that only comes with 20+ years of masonry experience, we work with homeowners to ensure that their chimney is properly installed using top quality materials. And should your existing chimney fall into disrepair, we offer dedicated chimney inspection and repair services. This is a vital service, as chimney damage can lead to extensive damage throughout your home, which could include the need for a full roof replacement.

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Put a Lid On It

Chimney Caps & Covers

To reduce the odds of needing chimney repairs or a chimney rebuild in St. Louis, Bone Dry can also install top quality chimney caps and covers. These durable systems direct the flow of water away from the structure of your chimney, down off of your roof, through your gutters and downspouts, and safely away from your home. Caps and covers also ensure birds or critters don’t end up in your chimney. Our expert St. Louis roofing contractors can oversee the full system, ensuring that it all works together cohesively. 

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Get Swept Up

Professional St. Louis Chimney Sweeps

If your home has a chimney needing to be swept, Bone Dry Roofing should be your first call. The National Fire Protection Association recommends chimneys to be inspected and cleaned at least once per year. Bone Dry St. Louis’s certified chimney sweeps will thoroughly and safely remove debris and residue build-up to allow your chimney to function properly. 

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Your Inside Connection to Outdoor Living

We go beyond chimney work to help you get more enjoyment from the great outdoors. From walkways and walls, to custom fire pits, to patios and outdoor kitchens, Bone Dry can create an outdoor living space that is beautiful, functional, and ready to provide many years of fun and relaxation. 

We design and build an incredible range of custom brick, paver, and stonework creations to help expand your home’s usable living space and enhance your enjoyment of outdoor living. Each project is designed with your family’s needs and comfort in mind. 

Trust Bone Dry’s experienced masonry and hardscaping team to bring the comfort and convenience of your home’s interior into the sunlight and fresh air. It’s a great way to make your outdoors space an extension of your existing living space.

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    Good guys roof looks great

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    This company was a godsend. They fixed my leaky chimney and roof and I'm highly satisfied with their work. They communicated extremely well, unlike any company I've ever dealt with. Their masons were ..

    Chris Coffman


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From the top of your roof to the corner of your garden, Bone Dry Roofing’s experienced St. Louis masons can help make your home safer, more attractive and more functional. Put us to the test! Call Bone Dry today at (636) 489-1830 to discover what our masons can do for you, or use our convenient online form for a free, no-obligation estimate for expert masonry services in St. Louis.

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