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Roof Cement to Seal Around Base of Air Conditioner on Flat Roof in Indianapolis Indiana

The wear and tear that roofs take over time is really unparalleled to anything else in your home. That is why the materials that are used on your roof are made to be so durable and last such a long time. But despite being made as durable as they are, it is undeniable that roofs need to be maintained overtime, some components more regularly than others.

Roofing cement is very durable and is a great tool to use when sealing off different seams on roofs, in this case particularly, around the base of an air conditioner. While the difference might not look apparent, it will definitely be apparent when that roof and that area lasts far longer than it would have if it had not been maintained. Good job guys! Now this flat roof really does have all of the necessary tools to stand the test of time!

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