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Energy Efficient Shingles

Take advantage of energy-saving technology that goes into ENERGY STAR roof shingles

Energy efficient shingles can help keep rooms cooler and more comfortable in the summer.

On a sunny summer day, the temperature in your attic can climb as high as 140 degrees. With so much heat collecting in the confined space of an attic, it's no wonder that your air conditioning system has to work harder and longer to keep your home comfortable.

Attic insulation can help to slow the movement of heat into your home, but what about the roof shingles that are absorbing all that solar heat? Energy-efficient shingles installed by the roofing experts at Bone Dry Roofing can help reduce heat in the attic and any heat going into the house, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and your air conditioning bills lower.

Contact us to learn more about upgrading your roof with ENERGY STAR shingles. We provide written estimates for all of our roofing services, including roof replacement and installation.

Lower your cooling costs with "cool roof" technology

Quite a bit of scientific research went into the development of asphalt shingles that can help to reduce cooling costs. Building scientists focused their attention on the tiny mineral granules that come in different colors and are fused to the top surface of asphalt shingles. By applying special coatings to the granules, they discovered that they could increase two critical qualities: reflectivity and emissivity.

New cooler granules reflect about 20% of the sun's energy, compared to standard dark roof granules that reflect just 3%. Higher emissivity also helps granules stay cooler by shedding heat instead of retaining it.


Recognizing the important role that roofing material can play in energy performance, ENERGY STAR® has established performance standards for "cool" roof shingles. To take advantage of cool roof technology, make sure to use ENERGY STAR cool roof shingles. Most major shingle manufacturers have ENERGY STAR shingles available in a variety of colors or tones, as shown in the photos.

Antique Slate


Weathered Wood

Save energy and improve your home's look with energy efficient shingles

If you want to save money on your energy costs and make your home more comfortable, energy efficient shingles are a great place to start! Bone Dry Roofing provides high-quality installation of multiple types of shingles, and we'll help you find the best choice for your home.

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