How to Create an Emergency Action Plan for Your Roof

Severe weather can sometimes cause unexpected damage to your roofing system. While it may not protect it from damage, an emergency action plan can make a big difference in addressing leaks and other issues. This also prevents you from delaying critical repairs that may otherwise lead to additional costs down the road. Your roofing emergency plan should be created before anything happens to your roof, and it should include the contact numbers you need to call in case of an emergency, such as your roof repair service contractor, insurance provider and so on.

Emergency Action Plan for Your Roof

It won’t be difficult to set up an emergency action plan as long as you know what you need to do. Here’s what your plan should include:

Routine Roof Inspections and Maintenance

Before severe weather hits your area, you should always keep your roof in good shape to keep the outdoor elements out. The best way to do this is through regular maintenance checks conducted by a licensed and insured contractor. Repairs can also sometimes happen during inspections when they find minor damage on the surface. Doing this also keeps your home safe and secure against the weather.

Assess the Roofing Damage

An experienced roofing contractor understands how the weather can sometimes be harsh and unpredictable. This is one reason why preparing your roof for such a scenario is necessary to minimize damage and losses when it hits your area. During the storm, you’ll have to wait until it dies down before you can perform a damage assessment around your property. This involves inspecting not just your roof, but the rest of the home’s exterior components. Although your roof has already been affected, because you’ve already made the necessary precautions, you may have avoided any severe damage to the system.

Call Your Insurance Company

As you schedule the necessary repairs with your trusted roofer, don’t forget to call your insurance provider. The company will usually send representatives to check the roof damage themselves before they decide how much coverage they’ll provide. But if you have your roofer perform the inspection beforehand, they can provide a more thorough report of their findings, which you can present to your insurance provider. Since they’re more qualified in the field, roofers can give an accurate estimate of how much you’ll need to spend.

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