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Bone Dry Roofing was named Roofing Contractor Magazine’s 2023 Residential Roofing Contractor of the Year! This national award honors Bone Dry as one of the best in the country, and we couldn’t be more proud of this recognition. Photo courtesy Roofing Contractor Magazine.

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Bone Dry Roofing Is Your Trusted Lexington, KY Exterior Service Contractor

Your home’s exterior is exposed to a range of challenges, from the blazing summer sun to the winter chill. Neglecting any aspect of your home’s exterior can lead to costly repairs and compromise its overall well-being.

As a family-owned and locally-operated roofing company, Bone Dry Roofing takes pride in offering a suite of quality roofing services and exterior solutions designed to address every aspect of your home’s exterior needs. From specialized residential roofing solutions that withstand the unpredictable Kentucky weather to comprehensive exterior services that enhance your home’s curb appeal, we’ve got you covered.

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Professional Roofing Services in Lexington, KY

Roof Inspections

Regular inspections for roofing systems are the cornerstone of preventative maintenance, ensuring early detection of potential issues such as leaks, weakened structures, or damaged shingles. Bone Dry Roofing’s inspections provide homeowners in Lexington with peace of mind and the necessary information to make decisions about roofing projects.

Roofing Installation & Roof Replacement

Bone Dry Roofing sets the standard for Lexington roof company excellence in roof installation and replacement, utilizing top-tier new roof materials and skilled craftsmanship. Our commitment to precision not only enhances the aesthetics of homes in Lexington but also fortifies them against the region’s diverse weather conditions, guaranteeing a durable and resilient roofing solution for years to come.

Roofing Maintenance

Beyond mere upkeep, our roof maintenance services act as a shield against the elements, preventing potential issues before they escalate. By entrusting Bone Dry’s roofing contractors with your roof’s regular maintenance, homeowners in Lexington ensure that their investment is consistently protected, and the lifespan of their roof is maximized.

Roof Repairs

Fast, quality roof repair is crucial in preserving the integrity of your home. As a professional roofing company, Bone Dry is in the business of repairing roofs promptly, preventing further damage and providing Lexington homeowners with reliable solutions that stand up to the challenges posed by Kentucky’s ever-changing weather.

Roofing Services

Commercial Roofing Services

Bone Dry Commercial Roofing offers commercial roofing services that businesses in Lexington can rely on. From installation to maintenance and repairs, we are the roofing contractor who ensures that commercial properties have a robust and dependable commercial roofing systems to safeguard assets and operations against the elements.

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Soffit & Fascia Services in Lexington, KY

Soffit and fascia enhance a home’s exterior, providing a crucial barrier against moisture, pests, and structural damage. Our installation and repair services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residence but also serve as a formidable line of defense, ensuring that your home remains protected against the challenges posed by the Kentucky climate.

From safeguarding against water intrusion to maintaining the integrity of your roof’s overhang, our expert team at Bone Dry Roofing is dedicated to preserving the longevity and beauty of your home in Lexington.

Soffit & Fascia Services

Gutters & Downspout Services

A well-maintained gutter system is the unsung hero of a protected home in Lexington, KY. Our comprehensive gutter services go beyond the ordinary, ensuring that your home is shielded from the challenges of erratic weather patterns.

  • Gutter Installation: Whether it’s a new construction project or a replacement for an aging system, we use high-quality materials to create a reliable gutter network that efficiently directs rainwater away from your home, preventing potential water damage.
  • Gutter Guards: Tired of the hassle of constantly cleaning out your gutters? Our gutter guard solutions are designed to keep debris at bay, ensuring that your gutter system remains free-flowing and efficient.
  • Gutter Cleaning: Regular gutter cleaning is paramount in maintaining the functionality of your system. Our skilled team undertakes thorough gutter cleaning services, removing debris, leaves, and any blockages that might compromise the smooth flow of water.
Gutters & Downspout Services

Insulation Services

Adequate insulation is not merely a comfort-enhancing feature; it is a strategic investment in your home’s energy efficiency and overall well-being. Adding insulation creates a thermal barrier, preventing heat loss in winter and minimizing heat gain during the scorching summers. By entrusting Bone Dry Roofing with your insulation needs, you are not only ensuring a more comfortable living environment but also making a sustainable choice that contributes to reduced energy consumption and lower utility costs.

Insulation Services

Ventilation Services

Proper attic ventilation is a key factor in maintaining a balanced and healthy home environment. Without adequate ventilation, attics can become breeding grounds for moisture, leading to issues such as mold growth, wood rot, and compromised insulation effectiveness. Our expert attic ventilation services are designed to mitigate these risks, ensuring that your home remains cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and free from the damaging effects of trapped humidity.

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Lexington, KY Masonry Services

Bone Dry Roofing offers a range of services to care for your home’s chimney. Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication we bring to every aspect of masonry, ensuring the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your residence.

  • Chimney Inspections: Trust our skilled professionals to conduct meticulous chimney inspections, identifying potential issues early on to prevent costly damage and ensure the safety and efficiency of your fireplace.
  • Chimney Repairs: From minor repairs to major reconstruction, Bone Dry Roofing excels in addressing chimney issues with precision and expertise, restoring both functionality and aesthetic charm.
  • Chimney Cleaning: Regular chimney cleaning is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient fireplace. Our thorough cleaning services eliminate creosote buildup and other potential hazards, ensuring your chimney operates at its best.
  • Chimney Cap Installation: Safeguard your chimney from debris, animals, and the elements with our professional chimney cap installations. This preventive measure enhances the longevity of your chimney while promoting optimal performance and safety.
Masonry Services

Siding Services

Siding is not just an aesthetic element; it serves as a protective shield for your home, safeguarding it against the unpredictable Kentucky weather. Bone Dry’s skilled professionals specialize in precision siding installations, utilizing top-quality materials to enhance both the durability and visual appeal of your residence.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s exterior or need swift and effective siding repairs, Bone Dry Roofing is your trusted partner. Our siding solutions include:

  • Fiber Cement Siding: Exceptionally durable, fiber cement siding resists rot, pests, and harsh weather, ensuring a long-lasting and low-maintenance exterior that retains its vibrant appearance. Available in various textures and colors, it offers homeowners the flexibility to customize their exteriors, seamlessly blending with the architectural style of their residence.
  • Vinyl Siding: A cost-effective choice, vinyl siding provides an attractive and durable exterior, offering homeowners an affordable yet stylish option for enhancing their homes. Resistant to moisture and insects, vinyl siding requires minimal upkeep, and its vibrant appearance persists with simple occasional cleaning, making it a hassle-free choice for homeowners.
Siding Services

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For unmatched expertise in roofing services, personalized solutions, and a commitment to exceeding expectations, contact us today. Let Bone Dry Roofing transform your vision for your home into a reality – a haven of enduring beauty, safety, and comfort in the heart of Lexington. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you with exceptional roofing services.

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Our Reviews

  • April 14th, 2024

    Longevity is particularly noticed; we have had a large number of powerful storms ( rain, wind, snow) during the past several years and while number of large trees suffered serious damage the roof show..

    John Patterson
  • April 14th, 2024

    Bone Dry replaced the firebox panels on an insert fireplace. The estimate and execution of the replacement was timely and profesionally done. I was very pleased with the result and have not had any ..

    Kevin Bobart
  • April 12th, 2024

    I highly recommend Bone Dry Roofing. They did 2 projects for me- roof replacement, and full gutter replacement. Quality work and materials, competitive pricing, responsive, prompt and great clean up. ..

    Julie Karns


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