How To Deice Your Gutters

How To Deice Your Gutters

Deicing your gutters is necessary to save money and keep your gutters and roof in good shape. Clogged gutters will freeze and damage the system, your roof and other components. In this post, Bone Dry Columbus will discuss some best practices for safely deicing your gutters during winter.

Heating Cable

A gutter deicing cable is a great way to safely and quickly deice your gutters. It is designed to run along the length of your gutter system and provides heat to melt away ice buildup. Heating cables are easy to install but have a professional do it to ensure it can thoroughly warm your gutters and that there is no damage to your roofing surface.

Chemical Deicers

Chemical deicers can quickly remove ice from frozen gutters. They’re usually sprayed on gutter or ice surfaces, but read the manufacturer’s guidance to use your chemical deicer efficiently.

Heat Tapes

Heat tapes are designed to wrap around the gutter system and generate enough heat to warm your gutters and melt ice and snow. These products are affordable and easy to install. Attach your heat tapes during autumn or before winter arrives.

Professional Deicing

Hire a roofer with experience deicing roofs in your local area. Professionals have deiced numerous homes using proper equipment and tried-and-tested methods. You won’t have to invest in deicing equipment and get tips to keep your gutters and roof in good condition throughout the season by hiring them.

A Note on Roof Ice Dams

Ice dams form on roofs with cold and hot spots. Improved attic insulation, leak repairs and ventilation upgrades give your attic more stable temperatures, which helps to prevent ice dams. Keep your eaves clear of debris to let air flow into your attic.

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