The Dangers of Summer Heat on Your Roof

The Dangers of Summer Heat on Your Roof

Your asphalt roof can reach dangerous temperatures in the summer sun. By understanding the dangers of a hot roof, you are more capable of protecting yourself or others who are inspecting or repairing your roof this summer.  Explore why a hot roof can be dangerous and what you can do to keep it maintained without injury or accident. 

Roofing Materials and Extreme Heat

Asphalt and other roofing materials absorb heat. This may be a welcomed feature in the middle of winter, but in the summer, it can leave your roof dangerously warm. The temperatures can get so high that they can cause burns on bare skin. Because of this, you should not attempt to perform your own roof inspection this summer. Instead, work with a local professional who has the gear necessary to handle the heat. Thick-soled shoes, safety harnesses, and other personal protective gear prevent injury while experienced contractors look for signs of damage or perform necessary repairs.

Other Safety Concerns

The heat isn’t the only reason you should avoid climbing on your roof this summer. Thunderstorms are common and highly unpredictable in the warm summer season and bring with them two large hazards. First, lightning. The risk of a lightning strike increases with elevation, so by standing on your roof during a storm, you are putting yourself at risk of being struck by lightning. Second, rain from a storm can turn your roof into a very slippery surface, increasing the possibility of slipping and falling off your roof. 

Stay Safe with Bone Dry Roofing

Enjoy the warm summer sun from the safety of your backyard, not your roof. Contact Bone Dry Roofing today to request an inspection or estimate on roofing services. Let the professionals handle this difficult, potentially hazardous task while you spend your summer enjoying a leak-free roof that will last you for years to come. Call 614-602-5912 today for more information.