What Usually Causes Roofs to Leak in Winter?

What Usually Causes Roofs to Leak in Winter?

Your roof has to withstand harsh outdoor conditions in winter like high winds, snowfall, and below-freezing temperatures. While modern roofing materials are made to resist these elements, they can only handle so much. If you believe that there’s something wrong with this part of your home, be sure to contact a professional roofing contractor immediately.

Roofs to Leak in Winter

Here are some of the most common reasons roofs leak in winter.

Excessive Attic Condensation

During the colder months, warm air from your heating equipment rises from your living spaces to your attic. When warm air cools in the attic, condensation will form. Excessive moisture can result in problems, such as mold, rot, poor indoor air quality, and sometimes even leaks.

Ice Dam

When the snow melts, it will drip down the slope of your roof and may refreeze at the eaves, creating ice dams. Once these ice formations accumulate, they will eventually cause water to seep under the shingles, resulting in leaks. Failing to address this issue can cause severe roof damage and even compromise your home’s structural integrity. Contact a roof repair professional as soon as you notice ice dams starting to form.

Clogged Gutter System

Leaves, branches, and ice can clog your gutters. An inefficient gutter system can’t drain water, ice, and snow from the roof. Like ice dams, they will cause water to back up and get beneath the shingles. When left unaddressed, your roof can start leaking during the colder months.

Existing Roof Damage

Another reason roofs leak in winter is because of missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. Shingle damage can occur due to hail, high winds, and fallen debris. One way to avoid leaks in winter is to get a professional inspection after extreme weather events.

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