Attic Insulation and Roof Ventilation Project in Columbus, OH


Bone Dry Roofing was called out to check the customer current insulation because of the upper level of the home always being too hot. We inspected the home and determined that the insulation level was not even up to code, so we increased it to the energy level recommended by the Department of Energy for the State of Ohio, R60. Also upon inspection, Bone Dry Roofing discovered that there was no air intake to help properly ventilate the attic.


To help with this we used Owen’s Cornings EdgeVent to allow for the attic to intake air. In addition, to help with hot air outtake, we installed a Solar Fan that can be preset to automatically kick on if the attic temperature reaches a set temperature…the beauty of the solar fan is that it helps expel hot air and it runs on the power of the sun!