Roof Repair – Wood Rot Along Eaves and Gutter Line In Indianapolis Indiana


Along the eaves and the gutter line along this a frame it is very obvious to a roofer that the overall issue was something that we run into rather frequently. An insufficiently protected gutter line can be extra susceptible to water damage if leaves and other moisture retaining elements get backed up in the gutter and begin to overflow. This roof had already felt the damage but thankfully only needed a small amount of wood replaced because it was caught just in time.


Our crew tore off this part of the roof and exposed the rotted decking. These sections were then cut out and replaced by new plywood decking and fitted perfectly. Once they had done this the crew put down the signature Bone Dry felt paper to keep moisture out and finished it off with a great looking new shingle. Great job guys!

Project Summary

Foreman: Carlos Jose