Roof Repair – Removal and Replacement of Decking in Zionsville, Indiana


This roof had been a victim of a terrible puncture wound in two separate spots when a storm came rolling though Zionsville, Indiana. A tree limb fell on top of the roof and damaged an entire area of decking. This left an area of decking and roof that was exposed to terrible storm weather and moisture that was leaking in for quite a while. The home owners called for an estimate to repair the damaged decking and leaking roof.


Our emergency repair experts were certain that this meant that the damaged decking needed to be replaced to ensure that the moisture wouldn’t affect other areas and spread over time. The repair team was able to remove the affected pieces of decking and replace them with entirely new wood decking. We installed it accordingly, to ensure that the area was as good as new and that moisture wouldn’t be a problem in the future.

Project Summary

Installer: Carlos Jose